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Suncoast Infrastructure Inc. is the premier provider of no-dig sewer rehabilitation services in the Southeast. For over 25 years, we have responded to the needs of municipalities, engineering firms, military bases, industrial accounts, and private businesses that maintain sewer systems. We are a full service provider of evaluation, rehabilitation, and protective coating for all aspects of a sewer collection system.

Our wide range of service starts with an evaluation of your existing sewer system. We employ smoke testing, cleaning, closed circuit tv, and flow monitoring to provide accurate, detailed reports of your system. Our years of experience allow us to recommend rehabilitation or replacement options that will best suit your needs and budget. Our product offerings include Suncoast® Liner cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), 100% epoxy lining products, hybrid cements and geopolymer structural lining products by Vortex Companies, the Aegis™ System of polyurea and polyurethane coatings by Nukote Coatings International, and Triplex® Liner system cured-in-place fiberglass system by McNeil Technologies.

We, at Suncoast, offer a complete range of construction services to help restore your current sewer system and protect your investment in new structures. These improvements can drastically reduce the groundwater infiltrating your system and overloading your pump stations and treatment plants. We have helped many of our customers correct environmental regulation issues stemming from sewer system overflows. Our methods are faster, safer, more convenient, and typically less disruptive than traditional dig and replace construction. Suncoast Infrastructure is dedicated to helping you evaluate, repair, and protect you or your client's valuable sewer system infrastructure.

Featured Products:

Suncoast Liner
Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)
Since 1998 Suncoast Infrastructure has been extending the life of underground sewer and drainage structures without costly digging or lengthy interruption. Suncoast Infrastructure’s cured-in-place pipe liner restores structural integrity to cracked and deteriorated underground pipes.
Structure Guard™ by Vortex Companies
100% Solids Epoxy Coating
This unique product and application process has the ability to produce a ceramic-like finish in damp environments that can resist attacks by hydrogen sulfide and other aggressive chemicals. Manholes, wetwells, pump stations, pipelines, and other structures can be completely structurally rehabilitated with minimal out-of-service time.
Triplex™ Liner Systems
The Triplex™ Liner System manufactured by McNeil Technologies is a superior manhole, pump station and culvert cured-in-place rehabilitation system. Structure preparation and liner installation can be accomplished in a few hours. Triplex manhole liners carry an unprecedented unconditional non-prorated 20-year warranty.


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