Cured-In-Place Manhole Liner

Physical Properties Summary

Item Test Standard Strength
Compressive Properties(ASTM D-695) 12,293 1,365,000
Flexural Properties (ASTM D-790) 22,168 476,377
Tensile Properties (ASTM D-638) 12,397 267,839
Shore D Hardness = 80

Multiplexx PVCP

Terre Hill Composites' cured-in-place products safeguard your underground structures against groundwater infiltration and H2S corrosion. Prolonged corrosive action by carbonic and sulfuric acids dissolves mortar and cement, and weakens steel, jeopardizing the present and future integrity of even new underground structures. This includes wet wells, manholes, vaults, chemical tanks, wastewater treatment plants, and virtually any type of exposed concrete. Suncoast Infrastructure, along with Terre Hill Composites, can now extend the life of your present system and add years of service without costly digging or lengthy interruption-all while conserving community budgets.

Multiplexx™ PVCP liner system forms a chemically stable barrier between corrosive gases and water infiltration. Unlike other adhesives or cementitious coatings, Terre Hill liners form a reinforced vessel that is designed to act in concert with the existing structure. Terre Hill Composites liners are easily applied to a range of various types and sizes of underground structures. Additional layers of fiberglass and polyester can be added to provide more thickness to withstand high ground water pressures and other factors affecting structural integrity. Performance is backed by a 10-year, non-prorated warranty.

Terre Hill Composites

(CIPM) Cured In Place Manhole & Wet Well Liner System by Terre Hill Composites Brochure

Technical Specifications for Installation of Structural Protective Liner Systems for Manholes, Wet Wells, and Other Sanitary Sewer Structures


Our territory includes: Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, East Texas, West Tennessee, Alabama and Florida Panhandle.

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